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I earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Central Mindanao University and I am currently seeking a Master's degree in Psychology at Central Mindanao University located in the Philippines.


I have been providing clinical mental health support services since 2018. I am a certified psychometrician. A psychometrician administers and interprets data from psychological assessments. My experiences include working in community welfare and substance abuse rehabilitation center providing psychological test administration, psychological assessment, and treatment planning interventions. I also have experience in administrative-human resource services in corporate settings.


Philosophy of Practice

I am very passionate about the mental health field and it is my goal to support people in improving their health and quality of life. It is my goal to help you get started, maintain the care you are seeking, navigate appointments, and  onboarding with your therapist.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM

Direct Contact

I can be contacted directly:

or (804) 542-5741


Certified Psychometrician, Certified Healthcare Virtual Assistant, Clinical-Administrative Assistant

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