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I earned a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.



I have been providing clinical social work services since 2008. My experiences include working in hospital settings, telemedicine, community counseling, mandated and voluntary group therapies, and providing outpatient therapy to individuals, couples, and families.


Professional Contributions

My professional-peer experiences include providing supervision to other counselors, teaching social work graduate students clinical practice, engaging in peer consultation, providing full day training seminars to coordinating providers and developing therapeutic programs while improving practice management.


Philosophy of Practice

I practice a Biopsychosocial-Spiritual philosophy in counseling that guides my understanding of problems. I believe that care should be evidenced based and the therapist individualizes the practice to meet the individual person's needs.


My philosophy about providing therapeutic, counseling services is that we are all here on a journey. Each and every person has a unique life journey. Life can be difficult and challenging and sometimes, people get stuck and experience difficulty living life comfortably. It is my goal to walk the challenging part of your journey with you, provide nurture, enable coping and healing to help you experience life the way you hope to.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM

Direct Contact

I can be contacted directly:

or (804)-229-4292 to explore your needs and get you started on the path to wellness and living your best life. 


Proud VCU Alumnus, Member of Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work

VA License 0904008198

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